For a quick overview of work from 2018-2023, see this video:

I’m an artist, but I’ve had other jobs. I spend a lot of time thinking about abstract concepts while I make abstract art. It’s pretty much all digital. It’s not always highbrow – sometimes it uses glitch aesthetics and techniques, sometimes it’s more refined and uses generative formats or real materials. Sometimes it’s more pop influenced and explores my own personal metaverse imagination, and sometimes it’s dealing with more universal themes or personal expressions. There are long-winded pages of explanations of individual art projects on this site, and I’m perpetually building printable systems so that you can order art or merchandise from me if you want to. I hope you find something here that sparks a sense of awe or a sense of peace or a sense of excitement – not all art does that or is meant to do that, but it’s what I aim for most often.


Speaking with Brady Evan Walker from MakersPlace:

Speaking with Eric P. Rhodes about my crypto-art career: