Jareddd Scott

One artist I admire and spend a lot of time annoying online is Jarid Scott, or jrdsctt. In my opinion he’s one of the artists who has done the most with the ASDF pixel sorting script and turned it into something like the equivalent of brush strokes in digital format – that is, he’s really fine-tuned how to use that tool to the point that paying attention to each individual sort he uses and how he masks them into his compositions is rewarding.

Because we’ve spent some virtual time online talking, I realized that he looks a bit like one of my old roommates, and it spawned a joke where I deliberately mis-spelled his name Jareddd and attributed the mis-spelling to fictional other dimensional counterpart: sgt_slaughtermelon’s roommate at Paleo-Memphis University (see Sega Sibyl for the explanation of why I wouldn’t want to work in the Neo-Memphis style) where they studied under Lisa Frank Prime. I realize this is getting pretty far afield at this point, but I think that’s a part of the fun of virtual worlds and creating your own lore – just how far can you take it?

We had had a few collaborations in the past, but I felt they were underwhelming because I was too protective of my own style and didn’t experiment enough. So we shared some work, and I developed some Jareddd Scott official gradient maps to pack with a trading card, and then jumped into his work with those maps and re-composed them with new shapes and strokes to highlight the vibrant color explorations. Those collaborations are on Makersplace right now, and are using their new system that automatically divides proceeds from artwork where collaborators agree upon a percentage they each earn. I’m hoping that the Jareddd “Triple D” Scott project will set a template for experimenting with other people again in new ways – and I’ve already done so once with KatetheCursed in a piece on Known Origin that uses her CRT light-painting sources in a similar way – even thought that one fits more neatly into my glitch collection since it maintains pure abstraction.