Mature Glitch

Now that there’s a pretty considerable body of techniques of making glitches, combining Processing generated glitch textures, my own wrecks, regular collage, sometimes mapped sometimes not – I’ve taken to calling works that fit into this late category “mature glitches” because they pick and choose and sample any number of techniques I developed over the last 4 or 5 years. Sometimes a whole series is a “mature glitch” series, but it will be grouped under the gradient map used for it. Mixing and matching different techniques still surprises me and shows the potential of being an endless permutation of compositions, colors, and textures. Each new major series and movement and experiment will usually funnel some new thing into this category. I generally consider the beginning of my “mature” glitch style to come between developing “wrecked” textures and img_brush materials. That doesn’t mean they all incorporate those, but they theoretically could.

i_take_criticism_really_well_but_i_sulk_later with KatetheCursed