Statement on Early Glitch Work
Known Origin : Salmon Matte Studio Collaborations
Known Origin: New Fragments of Post-Capitalist Life
Longform Autobiographical Account of Based Culture
Rarible Shared Contract Tokens
Statement on Acid Wave
Known Origin: LFP & 38-Dimensional Chess
Makersplace: Acidwave Designs
Statement on Lazlo Lissitsky
Opensea: Lazlo Lissitsky Collection


Statement on Mature Glitch Work
Known Origin: The Escapes (with FiveTimesNo)
Makersplace: Vaguely Remembered Vacations
Makersplace: Fragments of a Philosophy & Theology
Statement on Aftermath of Success & Simple Glitch Collage
Makersplace: needs
Statement on Moniac Mod Archives
OBJKT (search for): Moniac Mod Archives
Statement on Sega Sibyl Neo-Memphis
Known Origin: Sega Sibyl Prophecies
Statement on Artblocks autoRAD
Artblocks (on Opensea): autoRAD (with Tartaria Archivist)
Statement on Red & Black Collage Work
Known Origin: Scarlet Dream Sequence
Statement on Ephemera Art
Manifold Collection: O God The Mail
Statement on Glowing Art and Jesse Cathode
Known Origin: Jesse Cathode Black Market Designs
Known Origin: Laser Show Last Will and Testament of Myron Starets


FXHash: Destijl Fortunes (with 0xphiiil)
Foundation: Sega Sibyl Echoes
Statement on Corrupted ROM Art
Async Art: Inaccessible Worlds
Statement on “Lost Levels” Video Game Culture & ROM Art
Playable Lost Levels Game / Mint Site
Blank Rasa Collection: Inaccessible Worlds: Lost Levels
Statment on Suprematism Tribute
OBJKT Collection: Lost Works of Sargei Slaughtermelovich
Statement on “Wrecking” Glitch Technique
Known Origin: Send It All (with X3r0ne)
Statement on Bowie, Iggy, and Oedipus Red Collages
Manifold: Multiple Projects Including oedipus_red
Makersplace: Choose The Pill


Statement on AI & ASCII Art
Blank Rasa Collection: Cantographs
Manifold (on Base): FriendTechGraphs
Makersplace Drop: Professor Melonius & Professor Emeritus Pentanaux Peer-Reviewed Dissertations
Statement on Metadata As An Artform (with X3r0ne)
HACKERS PFP Interactive Mint Site
Do You Want to Feel Something?