Shyga! The Sunlight Mound by The Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Jack McEwan contacted me about getting some artwork for the Crumpets’ upcoming album, and his vision for it was incredible. The album is coming out, I believe, in January 2021 – and the tracks that have already been released and have videos are really amazing. It was kind of a dream come true to have artwork featured on an album by a band with so much commitment to their craft. Splattered vinyl designs on their website.

PSYOPS T-Shirt with Cameron Lee

This guy is a buddy of mine who helped me get my footing when I first joined Rarible and got involved in the Based Money community. We knocked around the idea of making some t-shirts together, and this is the first one that we actually finished and he put it up for sale. How many shirts can you buy with cryptocurrency that easily!? Buy the shirt here!

Night Hunters by Dave Baker and Alexis Ziritt

My artwork is being featured on the back covers in the upcoming comic book “Night Hunters” by Dave Baker and Alexis Ziritt. It’s a cyberpunk story about future Argentina! To say I’m excited some of my cyberpunk-themed artwork is going to be a part of such a cool project would be a huge understatement. You can read more about the comic book here.

The Glitch Art Bible [Vaporwave is Dead Edition] by VILL4IN

As an underground glitchart legend (titles like this are dangerous for your ego) I was included in this book alongside other legends like Cyberart_by_Justin and Virtuadrome and tons of others that I haven’t really talked with but still admire. They sent me a copy of it, and it’s really one of the coolest things I own now in addition to the tough guy skull mask they sent. Get a copy, it’s a pretty nice product they turned out.

DEAD AGENT music videos and covers

When I was just getting my feet under me doing artwork, my friend and colleague Dr. Esteban Garcia Bravo recommended I apply to put on a solo exhibit at a nearby art federation gallery. I did so – and at the time I was living nearby and had big and glorious plans for audio-visual experiences as well as prints. I contacted a few friends, among them Ed Finkler aka DEAD AGENT about making some music that I could set video to for some of the exhibit. DEAD AGENT absolutely came to life and met the challenge, and he didn’t just record a track but a whole EP called SGT_SLTR_MLN. It’s a really cool genre somewhere between electronica and cold wave and dipping into industrial (that’s my own assessment).

I put an awful lot of work into a music video from one of the earliest tracks I was sent, and you can see it here – I think it held up pretty well. The sad part about this collaboration is that my whole life changed after I started this project. I moved to another town where it was pretty difficult to make time to go see DEAD AGENT, and then of course there was a pandemic and I moved again even further. The art show still went on, but I simply didn’t have the time or means to make an AV installation like I had planned. I’m still proud of the collaboration we put together, and I absolutely recommend people check out and